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The IT Girl:  Original Cast Album

"I must have the original cast album, right now!" -- Peter Filichia,


Now you can tap your toes to the score that won the hearts of the critics and audiences alike, with the New York Times hailing it as "a sprightly, savvy score" with "irresistible melodies!"


Listen to samples:  Hear the songs on Youtube

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Garnering some of the best reviews of the season, the music and lyrics for "The IT Girl" came in for hats-in-the-air praise from the DAILY NEWS ("Funny, frothy tunes"), the ASSOCIATED PRESS ("Percolates pleasantly"), and WOR RADIO ("Sprightly, bright music").

But in writing for the New York TIMES, critic Bruce Weber topped them all: "Mr. McKibbins has a pleasing, consonant touch with a song. His main tools are sweetness and pep and a fine sense of how to pay homage without actually borrowing....

Mr. McKibbins provides simple, irresistible melodies and harmonics as arch as they are wholesome. Whether a jazzy ensemble anthem like "It"; a winsome and flirty duet like "Coney Island"; or a loopy comic chronicle of failed romances ("A Perfect Plan"), his songs are as seductive as a pretty schoolgirl batting her eyelashes.

"They are complemented by Mr. McNicholl's lyrics, which are often rhymed with a wink ("Bold and passionate/Life has panache on its own") and tend to be character affirming in a comic vein.... And they mainly strike the same giddy notes as Mr. McNicholl's direction...."

It's no wonder the New York POST's Clive Barnes summed up it up as "The Off-Broadway musical at its traditional -- think 'Little Mary Sunshine' or 'Dames at Sea' -- best!"


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