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The IT Girl

The hit musical based on the silent movie IT, which launched Clara Bow as The IT Girl

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Now charming audiences

in productions around the world

About The IT Girl

The new musical The IT Girl, based on the 1927 Paramount Picture IT, offers today's audiences the same light-hearted escape from life's complexities that silent films once gave to audiences in the Roaring '20s.


Inspired by the novels of Elinor Glyn, the silent movie IT introduced Clara Bow, who defined a new type of sex appeal for the Jazz Age. "IT is a rather naughty quality that merges a hint of sex with a whiff of intelligence," says one observer in the musical. Retelling the story of the silent movie onstage, The IT Girl gives ingenues a chance to convey that irresistible quality.


In the 2001 Off Broadway premiere, Jean Louisa Kelly played Betty Lou Spence, a shop girl who falls in love with her boss, initially winning him over because she has IT.  When class differences divide Betty from her beau, she triumphs by putting her sense of justice -- and her special charms -- to good use.


Inspired by the language and melodies of the silent movie era, the book by Michael Small and BT McNicholl, music by Paul McKibbins, and lyrics by BT McNicholl have won over critics and earned ovations from audiences.  As the anthemic title song asserts:


Oh you know IT when you got IT

When you've got IT let 'em see IT

When they see IT, they will want IT

When they want IT, watch 'em fall

When you've got IT, you've got IT all.


Jean Louisa Kelly as The IT Girl,  York Theatre (2001)

The IT Girl can be performed with a cast of seven doubling some roles or it can expand for a significantly larger ensemble; IT is licensed by Samuel French for productions in regional and community theaters and in schools.  Get details here>



The York Theater

New York City (2001)

Starring:  Jean Louisa Kelly, Jonathan Dokuchitz


(partial list)


The Meadow Brook Theatre

Rochester, MI (2019)

Selected as 2019 audience favorite

Reviews:  BroadwayWorldRochester Media For All Events

DramaNatrix Productions

Vancouver, BC (2015)

Winner of 7 of Canada's Community Theater Coalition Awards, including Best Production

Watch a promo video 

Review:  Review Vancouver

Atlanta Lyric Theater

Atlanta, GA (2009)


Wingspan Arts Conservatory

New York City (2009)

The Originals Theatre Company

Bar Mills, ME (2007)

Foothills Theatre Company

Worcester, MA (2005)


The Seven Angels Theatre

Waterbury, CT (1999)

The BroadHollow Theater

Bethpage, NY (1998)

The Blowing Rock Stage Company

World Premiere

Blowing Rock, NC (1997)

The Educational Alliance

New York City (1996)


Jean Louisa Kelly, York Theatre (2001)


Sara Kmiec, Meadow Brook Theatre (2019)

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